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Titan Engineering Screen ERD Series
Lexin Titan Engineering Screen is designed for indoor and outdoor stage. Best Solution for theater and other large-scale demonstration site.
Maximum width can reach 12 meters, good design keeps the screen flat at any times,, without deformation.
Use Pro-Matte White Screen fabric, big width & flater
Equip with round heavy duty bottom bar which can not noly guarantee the stability of the operation ,and screen surface flat. after repated use, it is still like a brand new one.
Bulit-in High quality silent tubular motor and built-in receiver, you do not need wall switch, more fashionable & convenient
Equip with high-grade, fashionable RF remote control, long effective range

Twice Lifting Screen TL Series
Lexin Twice Lifting Screen provides a wider space, is a luxury hotel banquet hall, exhibition venues in the atrium and large meeting the preferred solution.
Environment of the ceiling height above has been developing to a higher place, increased the difficulty of construction and installation, unable to find a suitable location to install the projection screen
Above situation, we should choose the Twice Lifting Screen, this product built-in double motor structure, take elevator wire rope, with makes the screen shell go down from the installation place
Falling within 5 meters then unfolds the projection screen , so then you can install properly solve the dilemma
Lexin Twice Lifting Screen carries on a safe and reliable anti-falling system to prevent the product because of wire rope facture or motor brake failure or installation problem
When the product is falling, anti-falling device will work and then it won’t fall down any more
Bulit-in High quality silent tubular motor and built-in receiver, you do not need wall switch, more fashionable & convenient
Equip with high-grade, fashionable RF remote control, dual-band wireless launch ,a remote control can control two motors, long effective range

Electric Fixed Frame Screen  EFF Series
Unique design , to be installed by hang on the wall or inset into the wall ,look as a whole Front-Picture
Combine fiexd frame screen and motorized screen
Prepositive tensioned motorized screen and unique stretch divice , makes the surface  to keep  falat anytime anywhere
Preposive motorized screen, you could choose one beautiful paysage, when  don't’t need to project , could be as TV background, mathching perfectly
Postposive silver metal screen fabric with high quality and high gain , can support 3D front projection
Many kinds of frames can be provided, such as wood grain, velvet
Fashional RF remote control, can be used in longer diastane
Using quite tubular motor motor with famous brand , built-in receiver, din’t need wall switch , be convenient to use like TV


Dual vision Screen EX Series
Unique aluminum alloy casing,precise surface decoration
Double screen fabrics,can choose two format according to your needs
Unique tension design make sure the flatness of fabric
Can choose front PVC and silver fabric with high gain,both for 2D and 3D
With double motors,can work at the same time,don’t  influence each other
Many kinds of colors for your choice,to suit any places
Fashional double channel remote control,one remote control can operate two screen fabric, can be used in longer distance
Using quiet tubular motor with famous brand,built-in receiver,don’t need wall switch,be convenient to use like TV


Ceiling Built-in Screen EC Series
Attactive and durable built-in solution.Integrating a ceiling recessed projection screen was never this easy
Closure formed by the slat bar ensures that ceiling mount is inconspicuous.
Easy Serviceability System:once installed, the motor  and screen surface remain accessible making adjustments and carrying out maintenance possible. The bottom panel and case remain connested to each other.
Easy to build into existing non-modular ceilings .
The case and the projection screen surface can be mabe to exactly the right size and the visible components are available in any color for optional integration into any interior.
Limit switches are factory set guaranteeing a long life span. This type of screen is supplied with a wall switch & a RF remote
High –grade touch receiver and transmitter, leading the fashion trend
Optional built-in receiver without wall switch,only need a remote control then you can operate screen.

Tab Tension Screen ET Series
Modern aluminum alloy casing with brushed processing
Chose to fix on the wall or hang the ceiling.
Elegant and sturdy slat bar
With powerful and quiet synchronous motor,optional high-quality tubular motor.
Unique elastic rope tension and wide rang of adjustment designed to assure the flatness of the viewing surface.
High-grade touch receiver and transmitter,leading the fashion trend.
Equiped with standard hd grey PVC curtain,high contrast,high gain,super clear.
Optional built-in receiver without wall switch,only need a remotr control then you can operate the screen.

Floor Screen FL Series
Solid aluminum alloy shell,easy to transport and storage
Unique feature of a pneumatic scissors mechanism for raising and lowering the screen face.
Lightweight and self-standing so it goes anywhere. Perfect for traveling or business presentations
Matte white fabric,unfolds the screen smooth picturesque,clean by neutral li1uid
Quick & Easy installation takes only 3 seconds.


Manual Screen MA Series
Square steel casing,white or black for choice
Surface is pro matte white fabric.Four side black borders.
Unique self-lock device makes easy operation
Flexibly adjusted to any height
Equipped with advanced slow retraction system,recycling uniform,stable,not affected by temperatyre,humidity and other environmental impact
Wall mounted or ceiling mounted according to your needs
Pull cord for each one
Widely used in hotels,schools ,business centers,meeting rooms,home theatres etc.

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